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This is the official website of RCP International Law Firm, Phuket, Thailand.

1. Company set-up whit 2,000,000. capital
2. Partnership set-up whit 2,000,000. capital
3. Register whit tax department
4. Social Insurance registration
5. Accounting fee per month
6. Work permit
7. Renew work permit per time
8. Lawyer services per month
9. Document changes per time
10. One year Visa
40,000 Baht
20,000 Baht
2,000 Baht
2,000 Baht
5,000 Baht
10,000 Baht
3,000 Baht
5,000 Baht
5,000 Baht
12,000 Baht
These are our basic services. If there is anything else that you require we can make a quote for you. Please contact us at:

FR: 081-8936677 EN: 061-2379772 TH: 080-1422699

Email :
FR: [email protected] EN: [email protected] TH: [email protected]