Law & Assistant Lawyer

RCP law offers comprehensive quality legal services and advises to our clients. Our dedicated team of professional lawyers will give you guidance through the Thai legal system. 

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or assistance.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Being involved in a dispute can impact your business and affect your life. Thailand’s legal system may be different from your home country’s and can be tough to go through for the uninitiated. 

Our team of lawyers will give you an accurate assessment of the situation and evaluate the various options available to achieve the right solution.

Prenuptial Agreement

Seek counsel from a registered Thai family lawyer who’s going to have knowledge of your home country and Thailand laws before preparing a prenuptial agreement with a Thai national.

Thai Will

Our legal experts advise you to have your last will and testament arranged in both your home country and in Thailand. The document will detail all your assets in Thailand. Although thinking about it might not be something we like, it avoids causing troubles to our families during a hard time.

Marriage Registration

A Thai wedding generally consists of two parts: the legal part and the ceremonial part. We provide Thailand marriage registration service. Our team of Thai legal experts will assist you through the whole process.

Child Custody

Thailand child custody issue arises when a couple divorce or separate. There are different child custody procedures in the Thai legal system. Child custody in Thailand can be a long and complicated journey, especially for a foreigner. Our team of professional family lawyers will assist you through the process

Child Support

Under Thai family law, both parents are bound to financially support or maintain their children until they reach the legal age (20 years old). A child support issue can arise in Thailand, our family lawyers are there to guide our clients towards the best solution.


Adoption in Thailand is a fulfilling journey but the process itself is difficult and may take a long time, especially for foreigners. Our team of professional family lawyers will assist you through the process.


Going through a divorce can be a troublesome process, especially if you are in a foreign country. The process of Divorce in Thailand can be eased with the help of our family lawyers specialized with divorce matters.